Y is for Yoga

YogaSome of the benefits of Yoga are:

  • Increased flexibility.
  • Increased muscle strength and tone.
  • Improved respiration, energy and vitality.
  • Maintaining balance.
  • Weight reduction.
  • Cardio and circulatory health.
  • Improved athletic performance.
  • Protection from injury

While I love Yoga…I really do, in this instance I’m using it as a metaphor for writing. Now how can you apply these wonderful benefits to your writing.

Increased Flexibility – Whether you are trying to finish a book or trying to find a home for a manuscript.  Its important to be flexible.  Life interrupts the writing process.  Sometimes your dream publisher doesn’t accept your manuscript.  It is important to be flexible, remember the important thing is to try again, to be stronger and not break.

Increased Muscle, strength and tone – Have you heard the phrase “Use it or Lose it”?  Writing frequently, dare I say daily, increases your muscles.  If you type on a keyboard, you will type faster due to muscle memory.  If your write daily in a journal, or on a manuscript, poetry, etc., your process is strengthened,  and the tone of your work improved.

Improved Respiration, energy and vitality – Just Breathe.  When you are blocked or your just not feeling it, take a break; A breath if you will, and work on another creative project.  Often times when I “scrapbook” or when I’m cooking, I get ideas for my story.  Writing without other creative outlets can drain your energy.  You need to fill your creative mind.  This will give you vitality, and passion for all your creative works.

Maintaining Balance – As with all things in life, writing is also a balancing act.  When you are an Aspiring Writer, you are balancing work, writing, and whatever life throws at  you.  These same things apply when your are published as well, and then you get to add in promotions, book signings, blog tours, etc.  It’s important to try and balance to the best of your abilities, and what is important to you.  I still work full time so my priorities are Family, Work, Writing.  I know, writing is in there last, but it is where it fits today in my life and I still manage to find balance.

Weight Reduction – Okay writing won’t make you thinner.   But you may need to think about making your book thinner before sending off for publication. 🙂  Basically, “Cut the Fat”.  You want your book to be a lean, mean, selling machine.   Not to say you should write short stories, but make sure your 155,000 word novel doesn’t have redundancies in it.  Be sure you are using strong vs. passive language, and it is the very best it can be before you publish.

Cardio and circulatory health – Go with the flow.  When life throws you an obstacle, handle it and then get back on track.  In my opinion – not all writers can deal with life crisis and write.   I’m one of those writers…life’s challenges often derail my writing.  However, some authors excel at it – Using their writing as a tool to deal with life’s issues, or utlizing it as a means of escape.  Whatever writer you are – Go with the flow.  There is no right or wrong answer to how, or when you write.

Improved athletic performance – Over time all writers seems to innately learn things about craft, genre, editing, publishing, and other business items.   Not all writers will be good at all things, and some writers can zero in on one thing.   We learn to spot passive voice, or what genre a book falls into.  We can craft perfect prose, or create a list of potential publishers with ease.  What we don’t know, we learn from others.  The point is…we improve over time and not just at putting words on a page. We become literary athletes and excel in our performance of specific tasks.

Protection from Injury – Remember that rejection letter, horrible review or jealous writer who made it personal?    Writing doesn’t protect you from these initial injuries,  but writing groups and fellow authors often support those who fall down.  I belong to three groups, and all are very supportive.  RWA – Romance Writer’s of America Online Chapter, F-M Word Weavers – A local writing group and this group Writer Zen Garden.  For any of my rejection letters, bad reviews or other slight I may have felt, there was a support group for me.  They helped heal my wounds, cherish my soul and free my creative spirit to move past the hurt.

Yep, I love Yoga, I think I’ll go do some poses to get some of the benefits.





Special Guest, Jay Hopkins: “Always Always”

Always Always
A Poem by Jay Hopkins

You should have the man in your life who is your Light and Love and Life. Who is always-always there when when you need a pick-me-up, a warm smile or just a hug. Yes, sometimes he will slip as he still has a little boy inside and won’t be the always-always guy. That little boy inside, always always, even still, needs your hugs and love!

The man who holds your heart, who values it more than his own. Who understands what drives you, what fuels your passions and feeds your soul. That holds each tear you shed as if he himself, lost. He encourages you, uplifts your soul, replenishes your joy and fills your spirit with joyous noise and laughter.

That man who inspires you to catch your dreams. To be the best that you can be, who is inspired just by knowing you, to then endeavor to be his very best.

Who, you can’t wait to fall asleep in his arms, knowing he can’t wait to fall asleep in yours. That you can’t wait to wake up, in each others arms!

In your minds hearts you are both 8 year olds, in constant wonder at each others loves and lives, laughing at and appreciating everything about each other. Constant amazement. Rapturous wonder, the depth of even the mundane never ceases to hold you both rapt and wrapped in each others arms, even if you are thousands of miles apart. Your hearts are always, always just a whisper, apart.

And in that quiet, those peaceful moments where silence and the souls rest, resides; love holds both hearts. Calm resides within, amidst the busy noise of life, tranquil in the holding of each loves love. Always. Always.

Special Guest, Jay Hopkins

Today we have a special guest to the Writer’s Retreat, poet Jay Hopkins.


There was season where I thought I knew my friends.
Then spring arrived all fresh and new.
And feeling woke, exploding across the sky.
A million starbursts of color did paint the tears
falling from my eyes. Vibrant and vibration were shaking
crost my mind. Friends had been but shadows in the bye.
Now strong and solid, deep and true my friends
were joy, peace, tranquility and truth.

A Poem for the Day

Not air, liquid oxygen
A reflection of sunlight’s sparkling joy
Lifter of souls, this swimmer’s buoyant delight
Not sky, sometimes as if inverted they merge
Life itself, both giver and sustainer
Infinity and mystery, it’s nearly 75% of me


drawn to the edge of specific gravity
from which liquid mystery
emanates exotic fragrance
known to call a man down
to the deep of depths
beyond the wilderness of loneliness
past the advance of caring –
lest you be drowned in desire
for want of love.