Written into a Corner

I have several stories that have never been completed.  As the title of this post suggests, I essentially wrote myself into a corner.  The problem returned to mind when I completed the following word game with my partner:

We ended up with this interesting corner-to-corner design but were unable to play all the tiles availed to us for the game.  I found it uniquely frustrating, as well as reminiscent of the backlog of tales languishing on my hard drive.  It even escapes me as to who won this round of the game.  I’d prefer to play to the bitter end, either ending up with unused tiles or leaving my partner with them, ultimately using every letter rather than hitting the “pass” button again and again.

So how do I work toward that goal in writing?  How do I complete these unfinished stories?  If I really don’t mind a bitter end as mentioned above rather than “happily ever after”, the sky’s the limit.  Right?

The first step is to quit beating myself up.  To look at the whole catalog and mark each unfinished title as a failure will only freeze my willingness to fix any of them.  Instead, I intend to pick one example and pinpoint what caused me to stop writing.

I know one of my weaknesses is in action sequences.  One story in particular comes to mind where the hero and heroine are about to meet their latest nemesis.  Then everything just stopped for fear I would only ruin what came before.

Perhaps it’s time to find help in that regard by seeking out writing exercises or even just reading a good action scene I admire.  The important thing is to try.  And for some months I’ve been too intimidated by the inner critic to begin.  I’ve been paralyzed from even reading these works in progress.

Maybe I should ignore what came before, thereby avoiding my inevitable edit mode, and pick up where things left off.  The results might bring a surprising success.

I hope you are not like me and aren’t letting anything hold your creativity back.  Let’s go make art!

4 Replies to “Written into a Corner”

  1. Ha… I have a folder, it's a journal about relationships; yes I think that is what it is. There are a half dozen pieces or so that are unfinished and I haven't looked at it for months. I could give several reasons why. The most important is that I have allowed life to crowd me out of writing. I don't seem to be able to force through the barrier. It's good to be able to declare this!

    Darla, I picked up on what you said about not thinking about what went before…start completely fresh as if the scene your looking for is totally new. I think that could work. I'm working my way around to opening my poetry file, this post is encouraging. xxx

  2. I've opened the folder! I am ready to post some of the poetry I've been keeping close to me. And, I'm ready to work on some unfinished WIP as well.

    Thanks for the nudge with this post, Darla. 🙂

  3. Fabulous, Eaton! I'm really pleased for you and proud of your advancement. Now, I just need to do the same. I've continued to cower, choosing to read or surf the web instead of writing. Sigh… But I have a blog post due this very day, so maybe that will get the creative juices flowing. Now, what to write?

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