Writer Wednesday – The Power of Proofreading

Wow!  I just finished reading an e-book and have never been so overwhelmed by typographical errors in my life.  Never have I seen so many mistakes, to the point that they took me out of the story.  Who edited this?  The Three Stooges?

Interestingly, the title was a re-release from something published in 2008.  Not knowing if this could possibly have anything to do with the problem (which seems unlikely), I can’t help commenting that it felt at times like the writer’s first language is something other than English.  There were wrong tenses, misused words, missing words, extra words – you name it.

The story itself was very enjoyable, by an author whose writing I greatly enjoy and admire.  And yet, sadly, I am likely never to read the tale again for all the annoyances.  Too bad I can’t go into my Kindle Fire and fix the issues.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

As for the names of story and author, I’ll keep those to myself.  Additionally, I’ll cross my fingers to never find something so botched again.  Now I’m going to read this several times before posting and try to make sure I don’t make any of the same mistakes!

4 Replies to “Writer Wednesday – The Power of Proofreading”

  1. I also have a Kindle on which I read novels. This is great! …
    I have yet to find a clerical error. I hope it will not happen … ;))

    good weekend

  2. Neo, the book readers of today sure make it easy, don't they? I love being able to stow countless novels in one small package. I hope all your reads are well edited. Have a happy weekend, too!

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