This awesome website provides fun prompts to do

I decided no matter what I got, I’d stick to it and I was actually quite lucky. My prompt ‘Describe each of your friends, with no more than 10 words per person’

So, I’m describing my friends here….

Quirky, a bit mad but altogether alright as she is

The niftyest australian I’ve met, great humour makes me laugh

Kind, bright and full of energy, she just blatantly rocks

A sherlocky tea muffin and completely loffley, she’s simply epic

Partner in crime in the creative lie game, she’s awesome

Queen of writing, and always there to sort out problems

A lovely kind person who writes well, she’s utterly brilliant

She’s a mad muffin who is completely lovely to everyone

Some of the words aren’t exactly in the the dictionary but this was hard to write and I loff you all *glompsnuggles*

5 thoughts on “Writing Prompt

  1. Eden Hail says:

    squeefrolic* I’m epic!!! 😀

    Thanks babe! *snugglehuggles*

  2. A totally delightful post…well done! I love you too Fey 🙂

  3. Unhinged says:


    Well, somebody’s got to be the quirky mad gimp to offset all the gooshiness.

    Epic, though. WOW. Eden, you’re EPIC!

  4. Evey Brown says:

    Loff you too Muffin!
    Get back to that Lie game, will you? I’ve been waiting for you patiently.

  5. Gwenny says:

    Awwww!!! Thank you sweet! *hugglesfeybug*

    Fun post! =D

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