Writer Wednesday – Special Guest Shelley Munro

Noony here.  I am so excited today!  One of my writing friends, Shelley Munro, agreed to do a guest post for Writer Wednesday.  I’ve been familiar with her work for years and am so pleased that she stopped by.

Back in 1998 I started my writing journey with more enthusiasm than skill. I’ve learned a lot during those years and thought I’d share some of my experience with you.

1. Writing is plain hard work. There are no short cuts. What you need to do is…just do it—sit down and write a little each day until your book is done.

2. The hardest work starts when you sign your first contract. There’s a huge learning curve at this stage and the promotion side of writing can take up more time than the writing of your book.

3. Keeping up with the market is essential, especially now with self-publishing vying with traditional publishing. Things change quickly and an author needs to know what’s happening on the business side as well as the type of book that readers are currently seeking. Read new releases and keep your ear to the ground!

4. Keep learning. Take courses, attend conferences and read books on craft. Stretch yourself with each successive book you write.

5. Each writer has their own path. Some might hit success straight out of the gate while others might take years before they hit their stride. Don’t measure yourself against other writers because it will just make you crazy. Keep writing and carve your own path.

6. Celebrate each success big or small along the way. Remember, writing is hard work, so celebrate finishing writing your manuscript, signing a contract and getting a great review. Savor the success!

7. Rejection isn’t personal. All a rejection means is that your vision doesn’t match an editors or agents. If you believe in your book, don’t give up!

Shelley Munro lives in New Zealand with her husband and a rambunctious puppy. She never gives up and is currently published with Carina Press, Ellora’s Cave and Samhain Publishing and also has two self-published titles. Her next contemporary release PAST REGRETS is currently available for pre-order at Samhain Publishing. To learn more about Shelley and her books visit her website.

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