Writer Wednesday: Power to the People

Betcha thought this was gonna be about the election, eh?  Nope!  It’s about personal empowerment!

Aunt Noony’s Five Tips to Regain Your Power and Your Voice

  1. Try morning pages.  Write three pages of longhand writing in the morning, each day.
  2. Eat clean.  Close your mouth, honey, and don’t put that crap in there.  You know the crap I mean.  Treat your body like a fine, precious object, ’cause it is.
  3. Go to bed.  Make sure to get lots of good sleep.
  4. Say no!  Keep your schedule clear of minutiae that only pleases others.  Schedule time for yourself and for passtimes you enjoy.
  5. Follow your passion!  What excites you?  Do that thing.  Don’t know yet?  Get yourself a copy of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way and experiment until you find something.  Don’t be afraid to play; all the big kids do it!
And remember!  Your vote, and voice, are critical!  ~hugs~

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