Writer Wednesday – Pluggin’ Along

Yes, for those more astute among you, today is not Wednesday.  That was yesterday.

This should maybe give you a clue as to my week, eh?

So.  Lessee.  Today’s topic is Writer Wednesday, wherein we share our ideas and thoughts about writing.  I wanted to post today to make the point that sometimes, when we drop a ball, just picking it up and throwing it anyway has merit.  There’s a lot to be said for pluggin’ along.

If you’re not familiar with the phrase, here’s a definition at the Free Dictionary.  Simply put, it means doing satisfactorily; but I also take it to mean plugging away like a slow but steady steamship, chugging up a river.  Just point the nose and let the engine run.

This has served me well in several large marathon-like projects, such as writing a novel or weight loss. Anything where we are prone to fall off the wagon and throw in the towel.  Rather than give up, just get up and keep going – even if you’re a day late.  Sometimes, winning the race isn’t about who gets there first.  It’s about getting up one more time than you fell down.

5 Replies to “Writer Wednesday – Pluggin’ Along”

  1. Abso-freaking-lutely! The alternative is to stay down, of course, which I have done in small doses. Getting up and staying up is hard, sometimes, but in the end that's what life is really all about: getting back up.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  2. So true! And amusingly, the poem I submitted here for Tuesday didn't go up until Wednesday. ~blush~ Yesterday I decided it was better late than never. Thanks for this inspiring message.

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