On August 26th my endeavor to follow Alan Watt’s workshop “The 90 Day Novel” stalled. For a time I blamed stress over various family concerns. I think now that was an empty excuse. After all, my dry spell totals a surprising eleven days while real life drama escalated months ago.
What has changed? I floundered my way into the story’s third act.
Was I lazy during my fallow period? No. But was I truly too busy to write? Not at all. Even a half hour can produce great results if I make the effort.
In all honesty I fear ending my novel. What if I don’t have a good story to tell? Alan Watt advises students to keep going despite such doubts. My job is to write to the end, even if the whole thing continues seeming vague and meandering.
A rough draft is meant to be just that – rough. Discrepancies can be fixed and storytelling tightened during rewrites. In fact, my hero’s conflict may be resolved differently than I can even now imagine. To get there I mustnotstop.
Doesn’t that sound easy?
So today I am a few hundred words further along. Yet I continue grappling with plot much more than my character. But that’s okay. I can transfer that tension to the page by showing up every day and letting my heroine’s needs versus wants show me the way. The clock is ticking, though, if I want to keep my new aim.
What is one goal you’d like to achieve as we edge toward mid September?

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