Writer Wednesday – More on Establishing Routines

Yesterday I brought up the value of establishing routine.  A. Catherine Noon commented with a good idea, too.  She recommends weekly planning, which makes sense; looking at matters within a larger block of time would cut down on the minutia of daily scheduling.

I do intend to resume spending time each day at my desk, regardless of whether it be a Wednesday or a Sunday.  That kind of discipline can only be good for me.  Many writers have a set goal for their office time, such as producing a certain word count.  I used to be that way, with a hope of reaching a thousand words every day.

Now, however, I’m not going to be that strict upon myself.  It’s enough to take baby steps in the right direction.

In fact, whenever the weather cools back down I might count sitting on my porch with a laptop or notebook as office time.  I’ve enjoyed much creativity there.  And the creative process deserves flexibility to flourish.  At least I find that is true for me.

So, here’s a proverbial toast to routines without restrictions.  I hope that any endeavor upon which you embark gives you more a sense of freedom than burden.

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  1. I love the idea of "routines without restrictions." The image of you sitting on your porch with a journal warms my heart. Like you, I could benefit from more time at my writing desk. In fact, I'm sitting in my writing room as I type this – great minds think alike! 🙂

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