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Day Three – Website Design
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Happy Wednesday!  Since today is my Writer Wednesday post day, I thought I’d share some thoughts on designing a website to whet your appetite for our big reveal later this week.  That’s right, sports fans, we’re redesigning the Noon and Wilder and A. Catherine Noon websites!  We’ll have more content, new images, and lots of fun stuff to dig through.

But what does that mean for Writer Wednesday?

Here are some of the questions I tried to answer as I worked on the redesign:

  • What do I want to showcase?
  • What do I want my website to be?  Is it a dashboard of all things “me”, or is it specific to a story or a universe?
  • What do I have to say?  I had to go and look up posts that I had written and bucket together similar topics and stories.  I admit, I had to use Excel to track topics and things, but the philosophy behind it doesn’t require fancy software – just look for common themes and voila – you have your topic list.
I finally broke down and got a designer.  My current sites are ones I built myself and I am proud of them because they are built from the ground up by me, using knowledge I learned in classes.  On the other hand, they don’t really do our stories or image justice, so I finally gave in to some advice I’d gotten on Romance Divas and got a good designer to help collaborate with us as to what we wanted.  I’m so excited about the results.  Stay tuned; we’ll release the new design later this month.
Do you have a website?  How did you decide what to put on it?  Do you have a blog?  Same question; how do you decide what to write about and showcase on it?

2 Replies to “Writer Wednesday – Catch a Tiger by the Tale”

  1. I'm so excited for you! I haven't been blogging as much as I used to or planned. Sigh… In fact, I had one due on here yesterday and only realized my failure in doing so this morning.

    I think I'll rectify that, even though it will be post dated. Happy Wednesday!

  2. Hi, Darla! Thank you! I go hot-and-cold on blogging and most of promo. I have an agressive media plan, but I gave myself permission to let it slide if I don't get stuff done. I work outside the home and the most important thing for me is to be writing stories, so if I get to blogging and it helps keep my channel clear, yay. If it makes me feel guilty, I try to give myself permission to let it go.

    I'm sure glad you stopped by and took the time to comment! ~hugs~

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