Yesterday I finished devouring a gay romance by British author Harper Fox.  She’s a writer of M/M erotica whose work I only just discovered but find stirring on multiple levels.  As you can guess by the title of this post, I would like to quote a line from her title “Life After Joe”.

I kissed him, lightly but with a shudder of fervour across my spine, as if I had wings that were trying to unfurl.

This could easily continue as a review of the book.  Instead, I want to share what this line inspires in me as a writer.

Adoring the idea of romantic relationships between men, I try to offer that feeling through my storytelling.  Yet, in retrospect of reading Ms. Fox’s line, perhaps my methods are too clinical.  Now I feel challenged to experiment with more emotive descriptions, even sprinkling in a line or two that some might consider flowery.

After all, a guy should be allowed to think in a baroque way once in a while, even if he’d feel cheesy expressing the words.  Wish me luck in convincing “my” men.

Please check out Amazon’s Harper Fox Page  And happy writing!

5 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday – A Line From “Life After Joe”

  1. What a line! I love it. I look forward to seeing how it translates to your work as you experiment with other ways of expressing your characters' thoughts and emotions.

    Thanks for sharing a window into your process!

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  3. Grr. For some reason, it commented twice, but when I tried to delete it, it now says, "deleted by author" so it looks like I changed my mind or something. Grr. Technology. I thought it was supposed to make us faster??

    In any event, Darla, I really enjoyed your post! 🙂

  4. Tess Miller says:

    There's no reason men can't be flowery and have romantic thoughts. And the books you mention are read BY women, not just men, why not use elements they will appreciate too?

  5. Thank you for the great comments and support! I appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

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