Writer Wednesday – A Blogger Challenge from A to Z

On her own ever-interesting blog, A. Catherine Noon recently posted information regarding an April blog challenge.  Throughout the month, participants are to post on every day except Sunday with topics following the alphabet A to Z.
I like it!  What an interesting way to stoke the imagination.
Thank you, Ms. Noon, for passing along word of this.  I couldn’t resist copying you by sharing here.
So far, it has been fun just compiling a list of subjects.  My thesaurus came in handy, though some inspirations are decidedly more personal.  At any rate, I need to consider seven more.
Then they need to be written, of course.  Guess I’d better get busy.  I hope to create some fun reads.
You can find A. Catherine Noon’s original post here:

A to Z Challenge: Do You Haz It?

I plan to post both on my Darla M. Sands family friendly blog and the sometimes X-rated Sand Castles, depending on the subject matter.  I hope you’ll check us out!

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