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Back on October 13th of last year I posted a Wiley titled “Show Instead of Tell”. It’s something I continue struggling to improve. The latest evidence of my battle is in a story written about a year ago. I decided to put forth this tale in a mentoring program without having looked at it for some months.

The results were eye opening, to say the least. A humbling critique on a single page from the middle of the story completely floored me. Apparently I failed not only to show instead of tell but didn’t always convey the scene particularly well.

My inner critic is telling me that I should just go back to writing stories for my own pleasure and forget trying to publish. It’s a very tempting proposition. After all, I’ve not actively sought publication outside of one short story being included in a science fiction anthology. I honestly enjoyed writing a lot more before learning anything about the business end.

Either way, the important thing is to keep creating. And I’ll look at my mentorship piece as a diamond in the rough. Whatever I decide to do with the finished product, I’m going to make myself work through this manuscript with the hope of becoming a better writer.

Well, it’s time I go back to polishing. However you choose to create, I hope you enjoy yourself!

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  1. I don't think you should judge this one experience as the whole of publishing. Remember, Rachel and I earned a contract and I'm one of the most fragile writers out there. I STILL haven't finished Conservator, the piece I used in my mentorship last year, despite Dayna's gentle encouragement. Just focus on writing well, learning the markets from someone like Tina Holland, and let the rest take care of itself. You can do it, luv. I know you can.

  2. Show, Don't Tell is something that EVERY author has to work on periodically, Darla. It isn't like you learn it one time and then don't have to brush up on it ever again.

    And it's a BIG deal that you are getting published in that anthology. Don't diminish that accomplishment.

    That being said, you should absolutely be having fun writing. There are parts of the process, especially around the business side that are not so fun, but the actual writing process is something you should enjoy. If you didn't, you wouldn't do it!

    Just keep putting fingers to the keyboard, Darla. I always look forward to seeing what you're going to amaze me with next.

  3. What more is there to say the previous comments haven't said?

    Writing should be enjoyable, even if it might require work, don't let it become anything less than that.

    You may have only sought to publish one short story, but your quantity of work says so much for your talent. Don't minimize that!

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