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The challenge Cont’d:

Welcome to my Wiley challenge. I have been working on poetry for the ‘Words, Words and more Words’, challenge that I laid down in my last Wiley post here, Words in Context. The challenge involved twelve set words being written in a poem or drabble (100 words).

I wrote three poems, the reason being, I wanted to show how different combinations of words can change the context of what has been written and also change the readers experience in each individual work, even though basically they say the same thing. I had a lot of fun writing these poems, playing with words and watching them evolve from the set twelve words into vibrant poems. I hope you enjoy reading and experiencing my efforts. 🙂

The list of twelve words that has to be in the writings is as follows:


Here are the poems I wrote for this challenge:

Pale moonbeams
Illuminate ivory flesh
Deep sleep elusive
Dreams penetrate the mind
Calling forth erotic hunger
Phantom tongue
Seeking wetness in
Eager secret folds
Shuddering climax

Ivory flesh exposed
Body quiescent
Limbs still, expectant

Senses stirring
Dreams penetrate the mind
Freeing erotic hunger

Eager tongue; illusion or reality
Seeking wetness veiled
By secret folds

Exquisite pleasure budding
Climax overwhelming

Moonbeams falling on
Ivory flesh
Face stark in the glow
Limbs taut

Dreams of erotic hunger
Take flight
Tendrils of passion

Tongue sliding over
Desperate to penetrate
Secret folds

Willing submission
Desire alive
Eager for fulfilment

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  1. I love how you use poetry and sensuality in the same context. It’s not something I’m familiar with, particularly, and I love learning about it through your writing here and on your blog. Thanks, Eaton!

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