One of my favorite writing websites is Writing World, (don’t forget the dash or it’ll send you somewhere different). Now edited by Dawn Copeman, it was started by Moira Allen. They publish a free monthly newsletter on the first Thursday of each month. The website has over 825 pages of information covering every genre.

Moira Allen was editor of Cat Fancy magazine for over a decade and has numerous writing credits to her name. I took a class from her, Breaking into Magazine Writing, that I found tremendously informative and useful. She is very business-like in her approach. She doesn’t have fairy-dust in her eyes about how the publishing industry works, but she is very proactive in how she approaches it.

Writing World covers all sorts of material of interest to the beginner and experienced author alike:

Beginner’s World
The Business of Writing
Freelancer’s World
Commercial Corner
International Writing
General Fiction
Children’s Writing
Poetry/Greeting Cards
Creative Nonfiction
Publishing Your Book
Promoting Your Writing

In addition, Moira Allen has written several books of interest to the freelancer. In particular, she has released an e-book, How to Write for Magazines, which is a synthesis of the class I mentioned earlier. I have it, it’s excellent.

Their Links page is worth the price of admission. It’s enormous; I don’t have room to fit all the topics here. That alone is worth seeing; I highly recommend you check it out. She’s even got a section on Rights and Copyright, which is always an important thing to understand.

Most importantly, they do accept submissions! Since they have nearly 600 articles already, it’s important to double-check their guidelines, but check it out!

4 thoughts on “Wiley Wednesday: Weaving the Web

  1. Evey Brown says:

    You told me about this site on the google chat way back before we became friends. She does sound like she’s got herself a good thing going there.
    If you recommend it, it’s got to be great. And with all of those topics, something for everyone!
    Thanks for sharing. E

  2. I ventured in to have a look and was overwhelmed the one and only time I did, I think it dazzled me…thanks for jogging my memory about it, noony. 🙂

  3. Fey says:

    wow, this looks like a really good site, I’ll definitely be looking at this a lot

  4. I’m already signed up for the newsletter, and occassionally dip into the archives. So glad you pointed this out though – it’s an excellent resource!

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