Wiley Wednesday – Mechanics Over Muse

Often of late, it seems all my writing has been confined to emails for the day job. I’ve been going home without even the inspiration to sit in front of a keyboard or pad of paper. Despite this, I have made up my mind to look at the bright side.

There are positive aspects to my daily tasks. For example, every email typed is given proper grammar and spelling. Many also take a special skill at diplomacy or succinct explanation. And there is some self expression involved, though neither particularly fun nor the least bit fictional. At least I am still honing my craft if only in a mundane way.

How about you? Are you up to anything interesting these days? If not, I hope you’ll take to heart that your creativity will eventually find a way of expression. While waiting for my own muse to take over and demand an out, I’ll work on the mechanics of writing.

In addition, I’ll try to keep my spirit primed by way of Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”. That means artist’s dates to entertain my inner child and morning pages to channel negativity. Want to know more? You’ll find tons of resources on the web in general as well as this very blog. Whether or not you need the boost, I hope you’ll check out her valuable tools to creativity.

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