Wiley Wednesday – Having an Artsy Attitude

I’m not sure if this fits the definition of a Wiley for this fine Wednesday, but I ran into something I simply had to share. You could most definitely say it fits with the Artist’s Way teachings of Julia Cameron, at any rate.

While reading a magazine the other day, I found an interesting interview with a comic book artist. This man admits to sometimes not being able to make a living with his art, at time forced to work a factory job. All the same, he doesn’t regret his choice.

And he didn’t exactly get encouragement, either. His parents, unsupportive to epic proportions, actually demanded he earn an engineering degree.

What really caught my attention was something specific that happened during his school days. A teacher, whom he defends, actually tore up one of his drawings! Apparently, this man considered the work to have been a waste of time despite the care put into the effort. I really felt for that young artist, who happened to have been proud of his achievement.

However, rather than expressing any bitterness, our hero accepts each pitfall as a step to his ultimate dream. I don’t know about you, but I find immense encouragement from that.

Whatever your medium of choice, I wish you happy creating!

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  1. Good lord, he tore up the drawing? What an abusive act! It never ceases to amaze me the awful arrogance exhibited by teachers and others in positions of authority. I'm so glad our hero ignored it and started creating anyway. That's a good lesson for all of us – take a beatin' and keep on tickin'!

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