Whoops! R Is For I Gotta wRite Something Quick!

2016-04-21 R

So, I have a cold.  I went hunting around in my archives for a funny picture and came across this gem, snapped by my partner in crime, Rachel Wilder.

With friends like these, …

Of course, it captures perfectly how I feel right at this moment, even though it was taken some time ago when I’d just gotten out of bed and was trying to do morning pages.  🙂

Today is my day to post something crunchable having to do with the letter R.  I totally forgot until right now.  I shall endeavor to come up with something through my cold-medicine-induced fog.  Here, then, without further ado is the World According To Noony (on Cold Medicine):

  1. No, Boria, you do NOT need to sing me the song of your people at six in the morning.  Nor at seven.  Nor at seven-twenty.  I’ll get up at the last possible moment – meow – to – meowow – go to work – meeoooowwowowow – so I don’t need Felini in the Morning!
  2. Dogs take up entirely too much room on the bed when there’s only the two of you and it’s a queen-sized mattress.
  3. Cold medicine tastes yucky, but it keeps me from coughing.
  4. I cough the more I talk.
  5. I had THREE client phone calls – hack – scheduled – cough – for – wheeze – today.
  6. Tea is my friend.
  7. Don’t make a whole pot of caffeinated tea because you like the “hibiscus” part but forgotyoualreadyhadyourcoffeefortheday.
  8. The bus is late when I’m in a hurry.
  9. The bus is packed with people when I want to sit down because my head is pounding.
  10. It’s getting warm outside.  WEAR DEODORANT!

(No, really, #10.  Please.  Yes, Mister Big Fat Dude, I’m looking at you.  And holding my nose.)

And remember:  Zen mind, beginner’s mind.  Except when on cold medication.

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