Great title, isn’t it? I bet you’ve never seen anyone use a (modified) Shakespeare quote in normal language or in a blog/blog title before, have you?

Ain’t I clever?

Anyway, back to the topic at hand: pen names.

This is something that I’ve been contemplating for awhile, now, especially after joining the Artist’s Retreat.

I chose to be called “Lucius Antony” on that site (and, ultimately, here) because I liked the name and it has been something that I’ve used in reference to myself for a few years in various (albeit limited) capacity.

But, the question is, do I really want to “brand myself” with that name? I have no problem with my real name, and would actually like to see my name in print.

However, “Lucius Antony” might stand out better than my real name and I will always know that “Lucius Antony” is me. And, as a journalist, I’ll see my name in print often enough. It might actually help in that aspect, should a journalist be known as a fiction writer, as well? I’m sure more than a few have.

However, I’ve already been creating something of a “brand name” around Lucius Antony, just by posting on this blog (read by Heaven knows how many people) and at the Artist’s Retreat.

I suppose it’s all a start.

One thought on “What’s in a pen name?

  1. Good points. I, for one, really like "Lucius Antony". I still remember the first time I read that Richard Bachman was actually Stephen King. Personally, I'm thinking I'll write some things as D. M. Sands and others as Darla Sands, depending on the style. It's fun to contemplate even as I falter at approaching publishers for my fiction. Hopefully we'll both find success!

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