V Is For… Volcano – Darla’s Picture Prompt for the A-Z Challenge

“Did you get it, Peter? Did you get it?”
“Yeah, Dick! I did! I can’t believe it. But it’s right there! Just look at the camera,” Peter prompted, holding it out.
Together Peter and Dick gawked at the captured image, each muttering about how it didn’t look real. But all they had to do was look up at the very alive vista before them to know otherwise. Of course, other people might think the lightning had been photoshopped over the volcano’s photo.
As they discussed how to deflect disbelief, Dick’s two-way radio squawked to life. Both men laughed as their intern, still struggling behind with more film gear, began yelling excitedly.
“Did you guys see that?!”
“Yeah, Rod. Peter caught it on camera!”
“No way! How do you intend to convince the editor that it’s real? I mean, Tiny Johnson won’t believe that you didn’t somehow fake this eruption.”

Img source:  Hernando Rivera Cervantes as found on Daily Mail article April 3rd, 2015

8 thoughts on “V Is For… Volcano – Darla’s Picture Prompt for the A-Z Challenge

  1. Must admit it doesn't look real, but if was in the Daily Mail…well!

  2. Dude. If I was standing there when that happened, you'd be smelling my exhaust and hearing the sound of my squealing tires as I got the hell outta there. Volcano's. Mother Nature's gtfo signs. 😛

    Awesome prompt – it drew me right in!

  3. I agree, Keith. Thanks for reading! I am really enjoying your flash fiction this month.

  4. Catherine, you made me laugh out loud. And I cannot argue. Thank you for the kind comment!

  5. Following your blog after discovering you during the #Challenge is already fun. Great image.

  6. Grace Kahlo says:

    That was a really fun reading! I love your flash fiction posts, Darla!

  7. Thank you, Stepheny. You're very kind. Happy blogging!

  8. Thank you so much, Grace. Your kind words brightened my day.

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