Up in the Air

I wanted to share with you some recent photographs I took while flying across the country to visit Rachel.  Many of the pictures don’t seem like pictures of land, more like textures or maybe even baked cookies on a sheet.  What do you see?

I am thinking of sending this one in to Southwest, actually.  I love the way it came out.  You can see the horizon-line starting the sunrise.  The sun is over the plane on the right, as though it’s over my shoulder.

I love this.  It looks like waves or something.

Somewhere between Colorado/Utah.  Looks like the moon.

Fuzzy horizon (actually think this goes with the first shot, just without the airplane wing).

I’ve always wondered, do the squares down there form by roads, or just natural contours of the land?

Clouds or landforms?

Clouds?  Snow?  Water?  All of the above?

This looks unlike land, to me; maybe a map?  Frosted cookies?

More sugar-frosted brownies.  You can see those lines I mentioned above much more clearly in this image.  Map lines?  Aliens?  Roads?  Elephants?

I have always loved planes.  This is the back-end of the jets on the wing.

More mountains.  Haze in the air as the sun cuts across it.

Much less snow here.  Utah, methinks.  The plane wing is more shadowed, I think we changed direction and are headed a little more northwest.

Forest with the line of snow.

There’s just almost a rainbow in the right side of the picture.  Weird how the camera interacts with the double-pane glass of the airplane window.

Almost looks like clouds, but I think that’s actually snow.  Interesting, since the snow indicates elevation but the whole ground looks like it’s mountains of the same height.

This looks like meringue, no?

My knitting project with my notes.  (You know I had to get knitting in here SOMEwhere, right?)

This is me playing around with the “effects” on my phone.  This one is the vignette setting.

Looks like cloud froth, but is actually snow.

This looks like ocean waves, but is actually mountains, valleys, and some cloud formation.

This is the “negative” effect on my phone.  (Who knew negativity could look so cool, eh?)

More meringue.  Anyone getting hungry for pie?

What do you see?

β€œIt takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
– E.E. Cummings

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3 Replies to “Up in the Air”

  1. How absolutely exciting!!!
    I see a landscape I don't know. I took photos from a plane three weeks ago and the view looked nothing like this. Not nearly as clear either.
    I don't see meringue, or I wouldn't have if you hadn't mentioned it. πŸ™‚
    I'm thinking topography/geography, hills mountains, waterways and snow, lots of snow and how like you to to show yourself in the knitting shot.
    A thoroughly enjoyable viewing of shadows and light. I can't pick one as a favorite, not yet, need to look again. Thanks, Noony!

  2. Ooh. I'd love to see your plane shots too. Even if they're not as clear, I'm curious. What does the landscape of Australia look like?

    Thanks for commenting; I love talking about photography and art and writing "and stuff". ~grin~

  3. It's just amazing to me that camera phones produce such quality. Of course, the artistic operator has a lot to do with that. πŸ™‚ As for what I garner from the images, I'm reminded of the world globes I liked as a kid for their topographically textured surfaces. Thanks for sharing!

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