Thursday Thirteen

Okay, so it’s technically Friday morning, but I wanted to put this up anyway.
Favorite ways to pamper myself.

1. Sit in the sunshine, just 15 minutes waiting for the car pool, the sunshine makes a huge difference in my mood.

2. New color of nail polish. For just $2 I can experiment and have fun. I now have over 25 different colors.

3. Gel pens. I use them like crazy, at least one a week. I particularly love the ones with glitter in the ink.

4. Morning pages. There’s something decadent and special about taking 20 minutes for just me, it’s a priority and a treat too. I have over 18 notebooks now filled with rambling over the last 4 years.

5. Writing and posting. On a difficult day, if I can put in 300 words or a drabble I feel I’ve accomplished something that no one else could have done today. Something unique to me.

6. A nap. Oh yes, sometimes a necessity, sometimes just for pleasure.

7. Reading. Even one chapter of a favorite book makes my day.

8. Frozen blackberries. I put them in my yogurt, my cereal, it makes everything seem extra special.

9. Clean sheets. An instant way to improve any day.

10.My iPod. Favorite tunes that make me smile.

11.Exercise. Okay, I don’t do it often enough but the high it brings is worth the effort.

12.Call my friends. One call to a fast pick me up.

13.Sex. ‘Nuff said!

2 Replies to “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. I love this list, Tess! I particularly agree with your sentiment about exercise. It's so easy to talk ourselves out of it, yet it feels so good when we let ourselves do it.

    Sort of ironic, no? 🙂

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