Thursday 13: We’re BAAAAACK!

After a long hiatus in which our writing team went on Safari to Africa and photographed the vanishing elephant populations along the Niger River delta, we have returned.

Every Thursday, there is a Meme called Thursday 13. Its purpose is two-fold: to share thirteen things that catch our attention, and to visit each others’ blogs and see what others are noticing. While we can’t guarantee what you’ll find, we can guarantee it will be interesting!

Here at the Writer’s Retreat, we feature a smorgasbord of our writers’ creations. Some of them are posted here, and some are linked to individual blogs. Please leave comments, since we writers are a narcissistic bunch! 🙂

Our contributions for this week:

A. Catherine Noon

Darla M. Sands:

Thirteen things I can do without:

excessive riches
gum on my shoe
lyrics I can’t understand
dill pickles
excessively talkative truck drivers
mean people
hairballs on the carpet
slow drivers
a runny nose
writing interruptions

Nikki Memmott:

Nikki’s 13 muse-iest songs circa the year 2000…

1. Faster Faster by Bree Sharp – did an AU Highlander fic inspired by this song. Supposed to be a PWP for a girl who liked Richie a little on the rougher side, and 6 mos later was a lot more than that. ( – video’s actually Farscape clips, but it’s the right song)

2. Saturate Me by Mandy Moore – I know, Mandy Moore, right? Still, I just could not get enough of this song. No stories directly inspired by this one, but it definitely got the writing juices flowing. (

3. Breathe by Faith Hill – Made the mistake of listening to this song one morning after writing a smutty story the day before. Turned into a morning after story Smile (Found a cool video of Faith with Carlos Santana doing this song. Have to get through the Faith-as-fangirl stuff at the beginning, but it’s nice –

4. Good Morning, Beautiful by Steve Holy – Ok, so my Richie and Methos muses were sappy, lol. (

5. Now We Are Free (Maximus Mix) from the More Gladiator soundtrack – I write best when I have background music that’s enough to set the mood but not intrusive. Wrote a heck of a lot of R/M listening to this song.

6. Saints and Angels by Sara Evans – Methos finally had to give in and tell Richie some of the stuff he reeeally didn’t want to tell Richie about his past. I still love this song. (…e=related)

7. The Last Thing on My Mind by Patti Loveless – Never got a whole HL story out of this, but might get an ABVH one. (…e=related)

8. I Guess You Get Used to Somebody by Tim McGraw – Damn, I forgot how much I love this song. The CD also has Angry All the Time which is, oddly enough, my favorite Tim and Faith duet. (

9. Burn by JoDee Messina – I have no idea why this is Richie’s song according to my Methos muse, but there you go. Never got around to the directly inspired fic, but I was all about this song back in the day. (Think it sounds like a Jason and Nathaniel song, Darla?? 🙂 (

10. Empty by Terri Clark – I’m not sure how this made it on to the musey song mix. The story idea for this one is long gone, I guess. I still fricking love the song, though. (

11. Save Yourself by Sense Field – I know there was a story in here somewhere. The Ride Alone sequel, maybe. It was nice to listen to it again. I haven’t heard it for a long time. (

12. Space Between by Dave Matthews Band – This song has a lot of strong images about relationships that often helps me when I’m trying to wrangle the muses. (

13. What I Need by Julie Reeves – Again, sort of mood music since most of my stories are internal, rather than external plots. And a good song. (

OK, I’m done rambling now 🙂

7 Replies to “Thursday 13: We’re BAAAAACK!”

  1. I'm with Darla on the pickles. (shudder). Although I actually don't like any pickles. Most other green things are good, but no pickles and no relish for me.

    Elise, I haven't heard that version of the song. I'll have to go have a listen.

  2. Darla, did I tell you that Fluffy is a pouffer? I've never had a cat that just leaves pouffs of hair everywhere. Getting the single strands of hair under control since the weather's getting colder, but I still have tufts all over the place if I don't vacuum every week.

  3. Great lists, but I love the dill pickles, guess there's more for me if you ladies don't want them.

    My dog is a Great Pyrenese and he's a 'pouffer' too-leaves more hair than all my five cats combined! Definitely put hairballs on my list of things I can do without.

    The songs are great choices Nikki, and Gladiator is my absolute favorite movie of all time, great music to go along with it. I find my greatest muse band is Lifehouse. Sticky sweet lyrics I know but lots of stories going on there.

    Thanks for the insights into your selves. E

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