Thoughts on The Artist’s Way

In Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way”, one of the issues she brings up for blocked artists is poisonous relationships. They can come in many forms from a non-supportive parent or spouse to a jealous acquaintance who tears down your artistic attempts at every turn.

Struggling with a bit of my own blight, I realize how fortunate I am. The gang here is wonderful, as well as others in my life, both on the internet and off. Even a coworker who knows of my passion for writing has expressed interest and gentle concern.

As a result, I’m taking baby steps toward picking up the pen again. I owe a lot of thanks to the folks who have helped by giving me pressure free challenges. You gals rock!

Is there anyone in your life who actively or passively sabotages your creativity? If so, I hope you’ll rethink your friendships and how you relate to family. I definitely recommend reading Cameron’s book and wish the best for you!

Now I’m off to type up something I wrote during the wee hours of the night. The opportunity actually makes me grateful for a brief and rare bout of insomnia.

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  1. Glad you're able to take advantage of the inspirtation whenever it strikes, Darla!

    I, too, have felt fortunate to have the people in my life be largely supportive of my writing. I've gotten away from sharing details with some people, not because they don't support me, but because it's not something they personally are in to and it's more talking rather than really sharing with them. But it does make a huge difference when not only do you not have negative energy dragging you down, but have positive energy to build you up, as well.

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