The Untitled Thingy

This is my first post on the new rota by Noony

I felt like writing something fluffy… this is the first part of…*mumbles* there isn’t much happening yet but don’t give up on me yet ^^

Sybella moved from room to room, her footsteps echoing through the empty cottage as her excitement grew, every bright sunlight room seemed better than the last. Ducking through the last doorway she entered what was clearly the master bedroom, she took in the warm daylight illuminating the white walls, the old floorboards and two windows each with whitewashed window seats set into the thick walls. Moving to sit on the closest of the window seats, Sybella settled herself onto the beaten ledge and looked out at the surrounding landscape. Her grey eyes took in the fields surrounding the house, they were a rich summer tapestry of golds and greens highlighting the remoteness of the property, but what drew her attention was a ruin of a tower surrounded by a thicket of trees, squinting she peered at the tower with interest.

“So…?” a business-like voice cut into Sybella’s thoughts. “What do you think?”

Dragging her eyes away from the ruin she turned to look at Helena, the estate agent who had brought her to the cottage. Sybella broke into a smile “I love it” she gushed enthusiastically “I’d like to put in an offer at the asking price.”

The estate agent nodded “I will talk to the owner and the exchange of contracts should happen before the week is out.” Barely pausing for breath she asked “Do you have any questions concerning the property before we continue further?”

Sybella’s eyes had drifted back to the tower, she pointed to it “Who owns that?” she asked.

Helena barely spared the tower a glance “That comes with the land” she said flippantly. “The previous owner must have let things go because the dilapidated old wreck in currently inaccessible” she sniffed “It’s probably extremely unsafe, I recommend tearing it down.”

Something in Sybella recoiled at the idea of tearing down the old ruin but she nodded and followed the estate agent downstairs and out of the front door into the warm summer’s day.

“I will let you know if the offer is accepted.” Helena informed Sybella locking the heavy wooden door with an old metal key. “Though I don’t think we should have any problems…” she strode off without saying goodbye and got into her dark car, her mobile phone already glued to her ear as she reversed out of the gravel driveway.

Sybella looked at the old cottage with a smile, there was a charming faded coziness about the whitewashed façade that drew her, she couldn’t wait to move in.

2 Replies to “The Untitled Thingy”

  1. Ooooh, Fey, this is delightful and interesting and I want MORE already.
    Get writing girl, this is good. Thanks for stepping in and taking my day, I had nothing ready. That tower has captured my interest…can't wait for developments.
    Love Eaton. <3 🙂

  2. Lovely beginning. I like how you used the whites and bright colors to reflect how Sybella was feeling elated about the whole thing. I would love to buy it too! And the idea of an old cottage with an old abandoned tower holds ALL SORTS of possibilities. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

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