The process of writing

I almost posted an entry this morning but I farted and I lost it. “Well, shishkabob,” I said (plus, a whole lot more).

I wrote about something that I’d been wanting to write about for a long time, but hadn’t because it was a kind of touchy subject. But this morning, the sun, moon and stars were aligned just so and I came up with the perfect way to present this touchy subject. I included links and shared a bunch of helpful information. It took forever to write. I had to take an aspirin because I was frowning so hard at the monitor in concentration. I had to get up and stretch during the writing of it. I might’ve even had lunch.

So I wrote the entire entry in an e-mail, ran it through spell check, then copied it. I’ve done this hundreds of times. I should’ve mailed the e-mail to myself, but I didn’t because I was thisclose to being done. I pasted my this is going to change EVERYthing words of gold into the entry, clicked on the Save button (and my e-mail with everything was right there, right there) and kablooey! the whole program went buh-bye. I’d somehow lost what I copied. I control-veed my keyboard at least ten times and nothing.

I can’t tell you how much this sucked. All of that long, brain-straining work and I was at the final steps to bringing it to light and pfft, it was gone. I wanted to dive into my closet and cry my heart out, but there’s no damn room for anything else in my closet. Meanwhile, I don’t think I could write it the same way if I tried. What does it really matter in the swing of things, anyway?

I’ve been writing. Last weekend, I wrote over 5000 words, which is a record for me because I’m slower than a one-legged turtle. But it gives me hope, great hope.

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  1. 5000 words!!! OMG that’s amazing! And I loved the line about your closet, mine too! LOL
    Having done much the same thing more than once for a blog post I’m very empathetic on the subject, there just aren’t words, are there, to describe how that feels?
    Good to hear from you, let us know how the writing continues. Evey

  2. That horrendous moment when you realize that IT'S gone and forever, is the horriblest (spelling ?) moment. Been there and done that. But 5000 words is wonderful, amazing and good for you girl. 🙂 <3

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