The Historical Society

Sara stood, leaning over Bryce’s shoulder to take in the sketch he’d found. “Do you really think I can pull this off?” she questioned, feeling unsure.

“We don’t have a choice. Besides, it has to be a woman, and you’re the only one around here with brains and balls,” he grinned at her, “You can do it, Sara, I know you can. Just stay focused on the mission. Get in, find the papers, and get back out. The less people you talk to, the better off you’ll be. If you get into any trouble, hit the panic button and I’ll be there in less than a minute.”

She sighed. This was the first mission she’d ever gone on by herself. Up till now, it’d always been her and Bryce, the Dynamic Duo they called them. They had been childhood friends, college roommates, and partners for the past seven years for the Historical Society. Time and again they went back in history, filling in the blanks. They’d seen the Great Sphinx during construction and brought pictures of the missing colors and facial features, so that it could be restored to its original splendor. They had cried together as they watched helplessly in the Nazi concentration camps, and had stood in awe as they watched Moses part the Red Sea and walk through on dry sand. They’d seen the world through the ages together, and it had been wonderful and terrifying.

There was a knock on the door and Cloe stuck her head in. “Your costume is ready and I can do your hair when you like.”

“Thanks, Cloe, I’ll be there in a moment.”

The door shut and she closed her eyes, trying to steady herself. She would be going back in history to 1892 to gather information about the depression and the newly re-elected president, Grover Cleveland. It was not a particularly dangerous mission; in fact, it would probably be dull in comparison to their usual journeys. The only thing troubling her was the fact that she’d be alone. Alone in a way she’d never been alone before. The only person in the world not from that time.

She shook herself a bit and plastered on a fake smile. “Need to get dressed, see you at the time pit!” she said and ruffled Bryce’s hair a bit.

An hour later she stood on the platform ready for transport. He stood next to the control desk and they locked eyes. They held eye contact till the room started to loose focus. When she opened her eyes again she was looking at the White House, one hundred and seventy four years in the past.


3 Replies to “The Historical Society”

  1. I love this story Dawn! The idea of the pair going through time, seeing those amazing things, they certainly must have forged a deep bond. *wink*.
    Especially liked the way they held eye contact until she was gone, they really do depend on each other.

  2. Dawn you have a style of writing that I enjoy very much. Your characters and plots blend beautifully. I always want more of the story and more of your people.
    I hope you expand this one more in the un-wind prompt coming up.

  3. I really enjoy what you’ve done with this so far and hope you come up with more.

    I particularly like these lines:
    “The only thing troubling her was the fact that she’d be alone. Alone in a way she’d never been alone before. The only person in the world not from that time.”

    Two sentences that put everything in a grand perspective. That. Is. Literally. Alone.

    Great job hun! *hugs* ~Gwen

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