As I write today, I’ve been joined by a tiny parade of three cats taking turns at sitting or lying by my side. It’s a joyous reminder of the friendships I’ve garnered through my penmanship.

Even as I allowed a dry spell to overcome my creative tendencies, friends on this blog have continued to encourage and support me. Cards and gifts have come my way, much to my great joy. Also, kind words at the work place have occasionally brightened my daily routine as a few folks in the know inquire as to my doings in the realm of writing.

Thanks, my dears, for uplifting me! Now I’m going to move forth with some new project. All I really have to contribute to folks is the message that we must count our blessings in remembrance of all those things and people that help us create. Happy writing, or whatever endeavor you pursue!


5 thoughts on “The Gift of Friendship

  1. Thanks, Darla, for such a lovely reminder of all the bounty of goodness in our lives. ~hugs~ I look forward to reading your new project!

  2. You always lift us up just as much, my friend. Happy to see things coming around for you!

  3. You are both very dear to me. Thank you for being there!

  4. Tess Miller says:

    You have been a source of inspiration and good in my life as well, Darla! Keep counting your blessings and I will too.

  5. Tess, dear, thank you for the kind word! It means a lot.

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