The 90 Day Novel – A Progress Report

Well it’s day fifty-one of my initial foray into Alan Watt’s “The 90 Day Novel” and I’m pleased to report that I have written over thirty thousand words toward my manuscript. Lots of those are legitimate scenes, too. After writing so much rambling dialog during National Novel Writing Month last November, ultimately uninspired to even look back at what I wrote, I find this progress exciting.

Writing an outline as Mr. Watt recommends proved admittedly tricky. It’s not something I’ve used before. Now I have completely raced beyond where I initially planned to be at this point. And I think that is a very good thing since the story is expanding and growing. Besides, Alan Watt wants his students to follow where their characters lead.

I better get back to the story, now. There is a fun scene coming up and I’ve procrastinated long enough. (Yes, I do sometimes still battle getting on the page – yet I am successfully doing so with his daily readings as a catalyst.) OC’s, here I come!

What is fueling your muse today?

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  1. Darla – I have found this process very nice as well. While I haven't been on the page as much, I admit I find myself looking forward to the lessons, and writing for the day, I find I get excited to get a few more words on the page and wish I had more hours in the day.

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