I have had some trying times relative to my job lately.  While it finally culminated in a satisfactory fashion and I’m no longer chained to that desk, I want to share the image that has been my inspiration for the last two months and I remind myself that I am, in fact, numinous, powerful, and smart.

No matter what little snot-nosed punks who were in diapers when I started working say.

So there.

And I have one more thought to give you, before I share my image:  remember that you know what you know.  This world can be challenging, particularly as we labor to bring into being that which has never existed before.  Never forget that you are unique, and that you know things.  You may not know everything, but no one does.  You do, however, know what you know.  And that, in and of itself, is a powerful thing.

3 thoughts on “Sustaining One’s Sense of Humor

  1. Tess Miller says:

    I too have felt some trying times at work lately. And your comment about 'knowing what you know' really hit me hard. I too am numinous, powerful and smart.
    How easily I let myself feel less than that.
    Thank you for the reminder, I'll keep that dog's face in my mind when I return to work tomorrow.

  2. Thanks, Ladies! I'm sorry you've had trying times too, but I'm glad you've remembered that you are who you are. It's so easy to let the world make us forget; it's up to us to remind ourselves. RAWR!

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