Spot the difference

This post is in response to Ways of Seeing.

#1 taken Saturday 19th early afternoon
#2 taken Sunday 20th 8.15am
#3 taken Sunday 20th 5.45pm

The request is for mundane photos, and these sure do fit. I decided on these because of some interesting photographic possibilities and that gorgeous Peppercorn tree is right opposite our driveway! 

Let me know what you see, if anything.  🙂


4 Replies to “Spot the difference”

  1. Wonderful shots! I really do like that peppercorn tree. Just a few minutes ago I saw a hawk outside my office window. That was a unique change of pace from the squirrels and songbirds, though they're fun to watch. I hope you're having a wonderful day.

  2. I love these! What struck me is "time" as I looked at them. Also, a crescendo from quiet to noisy as people came and parked.

    When I read that's a peppercorn tree, I had a moment of "Wow, that's so cool!" Do you ever pick the peppercorns?

  3. I haven't picked the peppercorns, they're pink and I just never thought they would be as good as black. Of course now I will be picking, drying and grinding to taste for myself 🙂

    Interesting how we all see different things, look for different things. I was most interested in the change in shadows at different times of the day. Also the changing light. I am more conscious of light than I ever was before. I watch for light that gives the best colors and highlights. It's a science/art and fascinating.

    I don't have facebook, sorry. I did have, but found it to be a black whole of my time.

    Is anyone else going to post some shots?

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