Special Guest, Jay Hopkins: “Always Always”

Always Always
A Poem by Jay Hopkins

You should have the man in your life who is your Light and Love and Life. Who is always-always there when when you need a pick-me-up, a warm smile or just a hug. Yes, sometimes he will slip as he still has a little boy inside and won’t be the always-always guy. That little boy inside, always always, even still, needs your hugs and love!

The man who holds your heart, who values it more than his own. Who understands what drives you, what fuels your passions and feeds your soul. That holds each tear you shed as if he himself, lost. He encourages you, uplifts your soul, replenishes your joy and fills your spirit with joyous noise and laughter.

That man who inspires you to catch your dreams. To be the best that you can be, who is inspired just by knowing you, to then endeavor to be his very best.

Who, you can’t wait to fall asleep in his arms, knowing he can’t wait to fall asleep in yours. That you can’t wait to wake up, in each others arms!

In your minds hearts you are both 8 year olds, in constant wonder at each others loves and lives, laughing at and appreciating everything about each other. Constant amazement. Rapturous wonder, the depth of even the mundane never ceases to hold you both rapt and wrapped in each others arms, even if you are thousands of miles apart. Your hearts are always, always just a whisper, apart.

And in that quiet, those peaceful moments where silence and the souls rest, resides; love holds both hearts. Calm resides within, amidst the busy noise of life, tranquil in the holding of each loves love. Always. Always.

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