Seven Sinners

I recently had the pleasure of reading the Ellora’s Cave release Seven Sinners, by Red Garnier.

Here’s the blurb from Ellora’s:
Phillip Gaston Maxwell has been a vampire for one hundred years, a long life where hot sex has certainly not been lacking. But lately Phillip is starting to feel bored. Only his luscious friend Anna can truly fulfill him, but while Anna shares her body, her heart is locked tight. So Phillip’s attention has turned to his latest obsession, Daniel — but how can a bisexual vampire seduce a handsome, reportedly straight Incubus?

A bachelor party — with Anna willingly providing “entertainment” — and a little help from a concoction called Sin may just produce the excitement he’s looking for.

This story is a very quick, very hot read. There’s just enough setup for you to have a good idea who all the characters are, and then no delay before diving into non-stop sex. As Ellora’s warns, there is male/male interaction, group sex and forced seduction. Phillip and Anna are very likeable and sexy characters. Daniel is too, although he left me wanting to know more about his life and what his future held at the end of the story. Red Garnier also introduces several other characters that get little page time, but who seem to have stories of their own waiting to be told.

I would recommend Seven Sinners as a quick, steamy read. And, am hoping Ms. Garnier decides to write more from this cast and world she sets up so well in such a short time.



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