Having become recently hooked on playing Scrabble via an android mobile device, I realized that there are many similarities between the game and life.

To find success and happiness folks need a balance of luck and skill. You need to pay attention and follow the rules. If you find yourself unhappy with your lot, you can gamble in making a change much like throwing away letters from your options in the game. The trick is that one needs to be willing to end up in a worse situation.

But enough about life in general. This blog is about creative living. And that, blessedly, has no rules outside of still paying attention and definitely opening your mind.

As for the game, I like to play Scrabble because I love words. Writing is understandably my favorite creative outlet. Fortunately, writing is very different from the game. There is no limit on the number of words or letters available to play. The trick is about putting the letters down more than having either luck or skill.

Much can be said for other forms of creativity. I hope you’ll find yours and go have some fun. You might very well change your life for the better while you’re at it.

3 thoughts on “Scrabbling for Life

  1. Nikki M says:

    Great connection between the game and writing, Darla! And also showing how important it is to make ourselves limitless while we're writing.

    Awesome! Thank you!

  2. Tess Miller says:

    I love to play Scrabble too! And the comparison between that and life was intriguing. There's always a new way to look at things. Thank you, Darla.

  3. You're both very kind. Thank you for reading and commenting!

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