S is for Sex Scenes and Story

As a writer of Erotic Romance- although I may have to rethink my branding, because what was Erotic ten years ago, can be considered main stream now, it’s important to keep sex scenes creative and fresh.

How do you do that?  One thing I always try and do is give my star couple their own thing.  By that I mean giving them an act you won’t find in another of my books.  I’ve written 10 books and it can get challenging, giving each couple their own fantasy or kink.

I’m sure as I write more I am likely to double-up…no pun intended.   I think the most difficult thing I worry about as a writer of romance is the idea that you could begin to be predictable.

Do Mystery writers worry about new ways of killing people?  Do action writers worry about fresh takes on fighting?  Maybe it isn’t just a romance thing.  I mean in a lot of ways the beginning is always the same.  Boy meets girl (or boy meets boy, girl meets girl, etc.) and they live happily ever after (or happy for now).

Its the journey that changes with each story.   And maybe that is what readers really look for in a fresh take.

Well fellow readers, what do you think is most important in a story.  Does everything have to be new?  Are you annoyed when writers seem to repeat things from story to story?


2 Replies to “S is for Sex Scenes and Story”

  1. I think I’m a very forgiving reader. ~grin~ I can say that some of the most interesting conversations I’ve ever had in my life has been with writers like you. Be well!

  2. I used to look forward to reading the sex scenes but now I love some witty dialouge. (still liking the smut, too) I can’t imagine anything you write as predictable, though Tina.

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