Looking upon the clock a short while ago, I found myself appalled that no ideas had surfaced for my blog post today.  The concern led me to wonder why this is so, to ponder many of the tips I’ve read on writing, and ultimately to come to a topic.

As stated in the title, this is all about the value of routine, though my use of the word “matters” is meant in the description of a thing’s importance rather than the usual “matters at hand” insinuated by the saying.  Dear colleagues on this blog are a great source of inspiration and ideas in this area, too.

Yet despite acknowledging this value of routine, I’ve been really slack at following any such thing since returning from a visit to my parents’ home.  In my own house, I find it all too easy just to pick up my Kindle Fire and flop across the bed.  Mealtimes (cooking to feed my partner or pulling out the cat food) seem to be the only timely activities accomplished.  Other than that, I barely manage one meager daily goal to keep up on housework.

My desk, where I currently sit, has been completely neglected.  It’s nice, too, an office piece from my husband’s uncle.  It’s set up with a digital photo frame filled with favorite images, beloved art on the walls, and even a freshwater aquarium.

So why have I lost interest in sitting here?  I currently find myself feeling quite comfortable and productive.  And I think that’s just the reason for avoiding the space.

I’ve feared failing at getting into the swing of writing.  Of late, the act of opening a document on my laptop or pulling out pen and paper for more than casual journal keeping intimidate me somehow.

In retrospect, I think making this once-joyous activity a routine part of my day will prompt my blogging and fiction writing to flourish once again.  I need to set up some sort of daily plan, which should certainly include physical exercise, but surely can involve some time for pleasurable reading.  After all, I need to know what’s selling if I really want to earn any sort of living in the publishing industry, right?

What routines help you achieve your goals?  I’d really appreciate the moral support.  Best wishes in whatever you endeavor.  Now I’m going to go feed my fish.

2 thoughts on “Routine Matters

  1. For me, understanding that fallow periods are a necessary part of routine helps me to unhook some of my guilt when I'm not "doing what I should be doing."

    Morning pages are a lifeline. Remembering to drink water is also key. Beyond that, having a framework for the week is helpful; I don't have a standing schedule (and have never really succeeded in making one work); but if I plan weekly, then it goes well.

  2. Weekly planning sounds like an excellent idea. You always have something uplifting and useful to say. Thank you, dear!

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