Riding Nicole’s Coattails

Not to cheat on my assigned blog post, I would like to build on the valuable one that came prior. Nicole Gordon’s thoughtful post inevitably makes me think of my own writing dry spell. She offers some truly useful advice. If I may be so bold, I’d like to reinforce something I consider important.

To cut down on distractions, Nicole mentions setting up a small desk designated for writing. She also made sure to give the space atmosphere. This is ideal!

I did something similar a while back, claiming the corner of a spare bedroom. I set up a desk and even installed a small aquarium. The problem is that, while the fish tank got me started on a whole new hobby, I drifted away from writing.

The lapse is partly due to a mentally tiring day job. Many aspiring authors suffer the same, however; it’s no excuse to let my art wither. How do I get back into a flow of writing through which I can find both enjoyment and pride?

For one thing, I need to resume utilizing that currently neglected space. Even sitting at my desk for non-writing tasks will hopefully spark a habit and ultimately the urge to write. I figure it’s a start.

Now I need to carve out quiet time and avoid distractions as Ms. Gordon wisely suggests.

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