Review of “Love, Like Ghosts”

“Love, Like Ghosts” by Ally Blue is part of her Bay City Paranormal Investigations series, but you don’t have to read any of the other books to enjoy this one. In fact, this features a character that’s not even introduced in the first book.

While “Oleander House” (Book 1 of the Investigations series) is very good, “Love, Like Ghosts” completely pulled me in from page one. Immediately, the reader is dropped in the middle of a real ghost sighting. And the first person our hero meets sees him during this encounter! Can you imagine the awkward acquaintance?

From there, the storyline takes off. I enjoyed the setting, the characters (both major and minor), and the rollercoaster ride as the young protagonist attempts to solve the mystery while overcoming his reclusive tendencies. Developing a fledgling relationship is both a wonder and a challenge for the couple, and I cheered for them all the way.

In fact, every hurdle (supernaturally based or not) is believable and realistically overcome from beginning to end. While the ghost’s story is compelling, I sought Ally Blue’s work for the m/m relationships and have yet to be disappointed. If you want to read about hot and tender man on man love, this is the book for you.

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