Review of “Crossing Borders”

I just recently finished Z. A. Maxfield’s book “Crossing Borders”. It’s a devastatingly hot and romantic m/m read. The realism of the story makes for sheer, down-to-earth escapism.

Right from the start I liked the main characters. Tristan is a college student questioning his sexuality. Michael is a public servant surprised and delighted to offer some answers.

Michael has eyed Tristan since the skateboarding youth showed a reckless side worthy of an expensive ticket. The joy of them finding one another is nothing short of wonderful. I urge you to buy this book and follow the couple through their journey toward love.

Additionally, if you like what you’ve read here and want to know more about Ms. Maxfield, please click below to read my interview with her:

Z. A. Maxfield on The Nightlight Blog

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