Retired Words

Interesting, unfamiliar and forgotten words taken out of my 1867 dictionary.

Nihilism, ni hil-izm, n. Nothingness; the doctrine that nothing can be known. (from L. nihil-ne, Not and hilum, a trifle.)

Facinorous, fa-sin’o-rus, a. Atrociously wicked. (L. facinus, a bad deed.)

Extirpate, v.t Root out, to eradicate, destroy utterly.

Imbroglio, im-brolyo, n. An embarrassing state of things.

Immolate, im’molat, vt. To sacrifice; to kill, as a victim offered in sacrifice; to offer in sacrifice. Ppr. Immolating, prêt. & pp. immolated. (L. immolo, immolates-mola, sacrificial meal.)

Parsimonious, par-si-moni-us, a. Very sparing in the use or expenditure of money; niggardly; frugal.

Rugose, ru’gos, a. Wrinkled; rough with wrinkles. (L. rugosus-ruga, a wrinkle.)

Turgescence, ter-jes’ens, n. State of becoming turgid; empty pompousness; bombast. (Fr.-L. Turgeo, to swell.)

Uxorious, uks-ori-us. a. Excessively fond of one’s wife. (L. uzorius-uzozr, a wife.)

Controvert, kontro-vert, vt. To turn against; to deny, and attempt to disprove or confute; to agitate contrary opinions against. (L. verto, to turn.)

This was fun, but exhausting to my eyes, the print is so small it hurts to read it. Hope you Enjoy these words. They are randomly chosen, just as I flicked here and there in the dictionary. 🙂

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