Rest in Peace, Tony Scott

While this is no longer fresh news to the internet world, the undisputed suicide of British-born film director and producer Tony Scott has left a distinct sadness in my household.  And yet I find inspiration from him still, even as I wish his family and friends all the best in their time of grief.

According to website, Mr. Scott said about “Days of Thunder”, which  failed to reach the critical acclaim or financial success attributed to many other of his works, “… you always have to get a story and you’ve got to get character first, and we hadn’t.

Wow.  So simple, and yet so important.

According to Mr. Scott’s tell, putting 1990’s era Tom Cruise behind the wheel of a race car was all creators thought it would take to sell “Days of Thunder” to moviegoers, and that vein struck fool’s gold.  I believe all writers kind enough to read this know better, but I still felt the point worth sharing.

Whatever you create, though, enjoy the process first and foremost.  That’s a lesson we can all take to heart.  I can only hope that Anthony D. L. Scott is at peace now and enjoyed his success while he had it.

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  1. Your sadness flows out of your post and I find my heart responds to you. I wish I were close enough to offer you a hug. I am sorry for your loss, and for the loss to the creative community of such an artist. He will be missed.

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