Of the team of Noon & Wilder, I am the ‘Research Queen’ and how I adore my job. Even topics that I originally thought wouldn’t be interesting, often turn out to be the opposite. I think it’s important to get the details right so the reader believes in your writing.

On the other hand, a writer needs to be careful that it doesn’t turn out to be a distraction or overwhelming. You want to make sure it still flows with the story and doesn’t come across as an info dump.

Though, allowing some distraction, keeps your own interest. An example is the Bear Creek Brewery that Noony and I created for the sequel of Sealed By Fire (yet to be published). We had a great afternoon at the Goose Island Brewery in Chicago.

Took a tour:

And a beer tasting seminar:

All, of course, in the name of research. So make sure you’re having fun. Oh, and it helps to bring a pen or favorite pencil, notebook and camera.

4 thoughts on “R Is For… Research

  1. Awesome picture! And excellent advice, too. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Good tips and great looking beer! Nice one.

  3. Now that is making research fun! I'm not a beer fan but if I ever write something about a winery….

  4. I'm not a beer fan either- the guy netx to me got the darker ones- but it was fun. And if your stumped for a setting or story- deff pick something you would wnat to research.

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