Q is for Queen Victoria

Currently I’m writing a steampunk novel and most stories take place during the Victorian era.   One of the things I like about steampunk is the history blended with the fantastical.   Although steampunk stories have alternate time lines, its still nice to know where the history deviated.

I generally prefer stories with some history woven in.   I tend to read historical romances (including steampunk) and then wonder about the facts of the story.   Its not uncommon for historicals to have a political backdrop.  Inevitably when I’m reading, I want to research what the author wrote.   Between my own research and reading research, I’m always curious about the history behind the story.

I admit to a certain fascination with kings and queens, royal lineage, etc.  One of my recent purchases was a wall map of the royals of Europe.  

I figure it will help in my research and serve as a decent reference.  


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