Intimacy, love and friendship – wonderful to have, horrible to lose and in all the ways these emotions can be experienced, sometimes very hard to understand.

My poetry is most often about relationship and the different forms it takes. I think it would be possible to write about the many faces of love every day, forever, and never come to the end of it. One of the most fascinating subjects to ponder, meditate on and write about.

Through Time

Transported by a tympani of steadily falling
rain sluicing from the roof; I sit, watching you
dance in the deluge, cold droplets
dripping from your chin.

You haven’t yet sensed my intent study of
your eyes searching a distant view with
focused intensity, turning the whiskey color
a different hue.

Raspberry colored lips twist wistfully
into a smile, whispering indiscernible
words–a name, a prayer, lover’s thoughts
drifting away on the air;

In the blink of an eye, I wonder: was I
really there?


7 Replies to “Poetry”

  1. I especially loved the ending of your piece, the moment is so beautiful and fragile that the narrator wonders if it really happened.

    The raspberry colored lips was a nice touch as well.

    ~pretty image~

  2. I don't know what to say to this, honestly. It's a beautiful piece. I read it three times, trying to come up with the right words, but came up short.

    All I can say is: Bravo. And thank you for sharing.

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