“How are you?” people ask.  Those more in-the-know folks question whether or not I’ve been writing.

I’m happy to answer lately that I am well and the writing is finally flowing again.  It took a major event for me, leaving a lucrative job with a good team, but I feel free now to express myself.

I see things in a different light, as if there’s more clarity.  And tasks are welcome hurdles instead of insurmountable leaps.

Why couldn’t I face the paying job in the same way?  I think it’s because I didn’t give myself time to play.

Whatever you do, and however you meet your finances, I wish for you the ability to play.  Please give yourself over to chances at random acts of joy.

Busy with projects that suffered while I worked full-time, I welcome stories of what you might do with much needed free time.  Please share and hopefully find helpful hints from our busy members as to how you might achieve your goals.

Cherish your time, as I cherish your commentary.  It’s something I learned from Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” and happily share with you.

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