“If writers were outgoing, we’d be actors.”

That sums up a lot.   As a published writer, I still have a hard time tooting my own horn.   This is not an uncommon phenomenon.   I’ve met more than a few writer’s who have a hard time Putting themselves out there.

I’ve always considered myself an Extrovert, imagine my surprise when I took my “Introverted” husband to a writer’s conference and found him pushing me to introduce myself.  I later found out that an Extrovert is someone who gets their energy from other people.   They can be outgoing as well, but such is not the case with me. 🙂

Online marketing is pretty crucial for my promotion.  It allows me to socialize from the safety of my living room and filter criticism through my computer.  There’s something about having a box of tissues, wine and chocolate nearby when a reader informs me my book is best used as toilet paper.  Ouch!  I live in the comfort that my book pages might paper-cut their arse. 🙂 

Luckily I’ve grown a bit thicker skin and take most criticism with a grain of salt.  I can honestly say no reader has verbally assaulted me in public.  Whew.

I believe the key for any writer to self-promote is to do what your comfortable with, do it well, and be genuine. If you promote with the “buy my book” and nothing else, readers react like sharks to blood in the water. And, if you dip your hands into everything, your voice can be diluted or become noise.

My general platform involves social media, online presence and public speaking – ironically I loved acting in high school, but never pursued it as an adult.   I was also in speech, so I have no qualms about public speaking.

I’ve spoken at smaller conferences and this particular form of promotion has served me well.   It’s usually indirect as I’m talking about a genre, e-books, publishing in general.   The spotlight isn’t really on me so I don’t have to worry if I forget my lines.  🙂

That’s how I feel in my head.  🙂

4 thoughts on “P is for Promotion or Putting yourself out there…EEK!

  1. That's fantastic advice. This is an area I've avoided like the plague.

    By the way, I cannot imagine ever saying something so nasty to someone as what that dunderhead spat. Wow. ~hugs~ I am soooo glad you didn't let that stop you from sharing your gift. Best wishes!

  2. I agree with Darla, what an awful person for saying that! I'm glad that you didn't let it stop you.

    I love the picture of how you look in your head. 🙂

  3. I like to think it's envy. I believe very few outspoken crtics are writers themselves.You go girl !

  4. One additional tip that helped me when I began the #Blog Challenge three years ago was being sure my social media options were all talking to one another. On my blog you can get to Pinterest and Facebook. This is a form of self promotion that can help an author.

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