Julia Cameron in her book “The Artist’s Way” likens opening our minds to gradually wedging open a door. I think of that today because I decided to open the window so I could hear the birds.

Doing that simple act made me wish it were so easy to let in story ideas and create. I did succeed in writing a short story today, but I noticed with the window open that a lot more than birdsong entered my room. There was traffic sound from the road and industrial noise from a nearby factory, but my brain filtered those out for the most part so that I could hear the cardinals sing and the squirrels chatter.

The same works for our creativity. We need to filter out distractions. Sometimes that might mean getting a nuisance chore out of the way so we can focus. For other situations, we might need to shut the door on unimportant matters for a while.

For me, at least, creation comes from a place of peace. I’m learning to cultivate a sense of that by uplifting important matters to a higher significance and balancing out the rest the best I can. I hope you manage to do the same.

4 thoughts on “Opening the Window

  1. Nikki M says:

    Wonderful post, Darla! You make an excellent point. Opening the window can indeed mean a lot of different things for different people.


  2. Tess Miller says:

    I'm thrilled you got to hear the cardinals outside your window sing!
    And that you were able to filter out the other less wanted noises. The human brain is a wonderful thing.
    Here's to all of us balancing the things in our lives better!

  3. Thanks for the boost, dears! Your messages mean a lot.

  4. I like the idea of opening a window. I sit near one sometimes, and can hear the echo of the city through it. The city is loud, full of engines and sirens. I like to open a window when it's quieter, like on a farm or at home. Then I can hear the birds and kids playing.

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