Opening a Door or Tripping Over a Threshold?

Following a blog for several months, I’ve been living vicariously through a brave young woman’s move from England to Japan. She repeatedly states how much she loves living there and shares gorgeous images alongside enjoyable tell of her exploits.

The other day, however, I read the surprising news that she plans to return to Europe in spring when her current contract expires. Why? Because of the career she ultimately desires, which is the reason for this post.

Rather unsurprisingly, this person wishes to become a professional writer. While I, like her, currently receive a paycheck for less rewarding work, I don’t see any great advantage to finding employment in the publishing industry.

She does, and it’s apparently unlikely to happen for her in Japan. So, she intends to pack her bags and return to her English speaking homeland. This strikes me as an utterly misguided decision. Am I wrong?

Especially in the internet age, the point of leaving the home she loves is lost to me. Granted, this gal said that the grind of everyday existence dents into the adventures she foresaw. Still, even if she travels in the future, why uproot from a cherished land? Let me know what you think.


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  1. These days with the Internet a writer can write from anywhere in the world. We have lots of successful writers down here in NZ who manage careers despite not living in the US.

    NZer Nalini Singh spent lots of time working in Japan and writing at the same time. It worked for her. 😉

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