Oops! Who are you?

Hi guys! I’m Sunshine, and I’ll be doing a little guest blogging this month while a friend is busy moving. I know you’re thinking, “It’s about time! It’s not even Saturday anymore!” …but you’d be wrong. I’m a west coast girl at the moment and I’m sliding this in with about ten minutes to spare! (Besides, it’s football day! A girl has a right to get a little distracted over important things like football! And yes, Alabama DID win! Roll Tide!) …What was I getting at? Oh yes! This is a new story that wacked me over the head a few days ago. I apologize for it being a bit short, but this is only the beginning bit, the rest should be longer. So without further babbling from your neurotic little sub-blogger today, here it is…

Bobby was a sweet guy, but this was the third time in two weeks he’d dragged me out of bed at four A.M. to go shoot deer.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate hunting.  I hate that deer hunting at dawn was Bobby’s idea of a romantic date.  I sighed loudly, hoping he’d catch on to my annoyance.  He didn’t.  Bobby was so getting dumped.  Yep, as soon as he took me home later this morning, Bobby was going to find himself a single man again.

The sound of a wolf howling interrupted my thoughts.

“Guns up, baby girl.  Sounds like the wolves are still out tonight.”  Bobby yelled it from about twenty feet in front of me.  He was going to scare away any deer nearby and make this trip even more of a waste of time.  I rolled my eyes, he was more likely to get shot by me than mauled by a pack of wolves.

Twigs snapped behind me and to the right and I twirled with my gun up.  I couldn’t see anything, but my gut was clenched in automatic fear.

“Bobby?” I called out softly, hoping he’d still be close enough to hear me.  I didn’t want to take my eyes away from that spot just in case there was something.  I tried a little louder.  “Bobby!”

No answer.  I stood there for another moment, but nothing happened.  Beginning to feel stupid, I turned to see where Bobby was.  About a hundred feet away.  

Yeh.  He was really worried about me getting chewed up by a pack of wolves all right.

I took a step to catch up and heard the growl.  I pulled my gun up again as I turned, but I never got a shot off.  There was pain and fear and then there was nothing.

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