One Small Step For Us, One Giant Leap For Art

As I sit here, grumbling that I have a blog post due and I’m sick and would rather be in bed, I’m reminded yet again of the power of the little:  one small step can, over time, add up to big progress.

What do I mean?

I’m facilitating a workshop using Julia Cameron’s book, FINDING WATER.  Sundays are the day I post the new week’s essay and discussion-starter.  Today, though, I’m dealing with a cold that seems to want to suck all my energy out of my nose.

After fighting with it for a while, I cracked open the book and the words on the page jumped out at me: “What small step can I take today?”  I don’t have to write a huge essay, just grist for the mill.  I just have to start the conversation and keep the ball moving.  A small tap will do.

Rachel and I are celebrating the release of our novel, TIGER TIGER, from Samhain Publishing.  At times, we had to remind ourselves to just focus on the next right step.  Finish one chapter.  Edit one section.  Draft the synopsis.  These small steps can add up to a novel.

So, dear reader, I offer this to you.  What small step can you take in the direction of your own art?

2 Replies to “One Small Step For Us, One Giant Leap For Art”

  1. Well said! I appreciate your effort toward the workshop and am excited about the book.

    I'm going to try writing a few hundred words toward a serial story today. I'll take your advice and write for thirty minutes. Ready, set, go!

  2. I'm so excited that you decided to write some new words, Darla! I think that's the best news I've had all week, especially since I know how much of a struggle it's been. Brava!

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